The misconception of control

Is there any story better than leaving and then realizing the loss. well, perhaps the universe is like this only, with change it's only companion, reconstructing very damage embarked upon due to the emotional dilemma. 'Change' it seems just a word but accommodates some sense of invincibility, a feeling of submission to something stronger, something … Continue reading The misconception of control


Where does it lie?

Last night a friend of mine phoned me in odd hours of the day and asked me a question- what is happiness? where does it lie? well, without giving a thought to what he was trying to say I instantly said it lies within you. but, in this process, I forgot to answer the first … Continue reading Where does it lie?

In Defence Of The Casanovas

I recently came across this article that was about an archetype of a man who is commonly shamed and criticized in our uninformed culture of fantasy based expectations about sex and love. In that article, that man was referred to as a fuccboi. That potty piece of writing was a compilation of biased observation which … Continue reading In Defence Of The Casanovas

बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : When Discretion Overpowers Bragging

जब जब है मिली तब तब है मारी वैसे हूँ मैं ब्रह्मचारी। - सिक्योरिटी गार्ड भाई साहब ने एक बीड़ी मुझे पिलाई, एक अपनी जलाई और ये ज्ञान की बात भी साथ में बताई। Once upon a time, there was an old bull. Along with him was a young bull and they were standing together on … Continue reading बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : When Discretion Overpowers Bragging

The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

After unintentionally meeting and painfully listening to many wannabe writers who desperately want to establish their name among the legends of the written word, I have come to a conclusion. This heaven resembling world is a very magnificent place where flowers grow for getting plucked during the auspicious eve of Valentine's, raindrops fall on fairies' … Continue reading The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Personal Peace Over Public Arguments

सूचना : नेवी कट एक ज़ोरदार सिगरेट है जो सालों से शौकीन लोग पीते आ रहे हैं ; गले पे चुभती नहीं है और कड़क भी रहती है।  हगने मूतने का कैसे करते हो भाई साहब, मैंने सड़क किनारे बैठे पनवाड़ी से पूछा।  मूतना तो यहीं खम्बे से लग कर हो जाता है मगर हगने का कार्यक्रम बिना बीड़ी पिये … Continue reading बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Personal Peace Over Public Arguments