Rain Rain Fell On Me, Jolly Jolly Made Me Feel

Summer is the season of sweat and tan. It also is the season of repulsive odour that comes disguised as a return gift with sweat. But today afternoon a miracle happened. The mighty blue coloured blanket somehow managed to hide the gigantic ball of fire behind it. And then this upsurge of energy was generated … Continue reading Rain Rain Fell On Me, Jolly Jolly Made Me Feel

When a hungry man tries to feed himself

It was our first time and both of us were scared. I had no idea how to proceed further. My hands were trembling. And my gut was churning with excitement and equal parts fear. There were pearls of sweat rolling down my neck and my chest felt constricted near the heart. I mustered all the … Continue reading When a hungry man tries to feed himself

Being ill and dirty and writing

She is such a bitch. What a fair skinned and bitter tasting cunt she is. Though she gets you relieved, things would have been great if she was sweet and nice. She is paracetamol and she will stay bitter. Always. Thermodynamics when applied to body is more understandable than what those formally dressed demons teach … Continue reading Being ill and dirty and writing

Keeping your Blog organised

It has taken a while to finally get to a comfortable stage with blogging where I feel so much more relaxed with organisation behind my blog posts; writing, scheduling, publishing and promoting them. I have picked up a few pointers which hopefully will help you be that little bit more prepared with blogging. Scheduling posts … Continue reading Keeping your Blog organised

The Three Flowers ebook And Writing Challenges

I don’t remember where I read it. I think it was James Altucher who said it but I might be wrong. That unmemorable person told that the best way to be a good writer is to write. That’s it. Write one page daily. The work will be utterly painful to do and the writeups may … Continue reading The Three Flowers ebook And Writing Challenges

A Strange Feeling of Emptiness

Humans are complicated, so are their brains. There is no rule in this world which was made to define the miraculous human mind and hadn't got any exception(s). It seems human intelligence is just a matter of time and some relative circumstances. Sometimes it's at its vantage point of rational and critical thinking while at … Continue reading A Strange Feeling of Emptiness