Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

एक ने दूसरे की पत्नी को उठा लिया। दूसरे ने उठाने वाले को मार दिया।  मेरे फ़ोन में किस नाम की फ़ोटो भेज रहे हो? Sitting here you can clearly see the fan. It is rotating. And also rotating is your mind. The mind has no eye of its own. It sees what you make it see. … Continue reading Stop Romanticising The Unromantic


बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Home*not*coming Of The Prodigal Son

नोट : सिगरेट की फोटो इसलिए लगाई है क्योंकि बीड़ी की फोटो लेने से पहले ही उसे पी लिया। भाई साहब एक बीड़ी मिलेगी? अब पूछ लिया है तो देनी ही पड़ेगी.... अगर अपने पास न हो, तो नया बण्डल खरीद के देनी पड़ेगी। - बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद शेयर करने में विशवास रखते हैं  There is … Continue reading बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Home*not*coming Of The Prodigal Son

School Sucks And So Does Teacher’s Day

- What did you learn in college? - That I have to save my voice from being lost in this noisy factory where degree holders are manufactured Last month I attended the Swapathgami Film Making workshop at Shikshantar Andolan in Udaipur. This organisation is based on the principles of unschooling and is a free learning … Continue reading School Sucks And So Does Teacher’s Day

बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Love In The Outr*Age* of Hormones

In this brutally honest new section on my blog, I shall share the conversations that happened over a बीड़ी। Read further only if you can handle bitter truth. हम चुदाई के मालिक हैं थूक लगा के अंदर कर देते हैं - एक 12 साल के ठर्की ने समझाया  The night sets in. And the proof of … Continue reading बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Love In The Outr*Age* of Hormones

“Pink” Movie Review

Cinema is a great medium to open your mind to new possibilities and experience the realities that exist beyond your horizons of knowledge. There are commercial movies which gather audiences and make those audiences whistle. There are movies that make you cry. There are some movies that have humor and you end up with your … Continue reading “Pink” Movie Review

This Kenopsia……

चांदनी रात मे बरसात बुरी लगती है दिल मे हो दर्द तो हर बात बुरी लगती है - एक कबाडी एक पेग दारु के बाद You are a human being. You have desires, stories and feelings. And you have a lot of time. What you can accept, you accept. And then you walk ahead leaving … Continue reading This Kenopsia……