“Pink” Movie Review

Cinema is a great medium to open your mind to new possibilities and experience the realities that exist beyond your horizons of knowledge. There are commercial movies which gather audiences and make those audiences whistle. There are movies that make you cry. There are some movies that have humor and you end up with your … Continue reading “Pink” Movie Review


This Kenopsia……

चांदनी रात मे बरसात बुरी लगती है दिल मे हो दर्द तो हर बात बुरी लगती है - एक कबाडी एक पेग दारु के बाद You are a human being. You have desires, stories and feelings. And you have a lot of time. What you can accept, you accept. And then you walk ahead leaving … Continue reading This Kenopsia……

What Beauty Is And What It Isn’t

If you are fat, there are slimming oils and capsules available to make you feel better. Every gram of fat on your body makes you more and more undesirable and ill-treated in society. If you live with a body like that, you will die from fat shaming before you die from obesity related diseases. Buy … Continue reading What Beauty Is And What It Isn’t

Painful Words From My Dead And Dying Buddy

Your life blesses you with objects that you always remember once they are gone. Your life is constantly in conjugation with people and objects around you. It is like a family you have. A family of living and non-living entities. You try to preserve and nurture a lot of things that range from relationships to … Continue reading Painful Words From My Dead And Dying Buddy

Doodle Doodle All The Way!

Doodling is amazing. It is a great way to make productive use of time in boring classes and crappy leactures. When people procrastinate and get bored, they doodle. It gives an immense feeling of release that is more or less comparable to masturbatory orgasm. When I saw the Facebook event named Doodle Discourses, I was intrigued. Do … Continue reading Doodle Doodle All The Way!

Rain Rain Fell On Me, Jolly Jolly Made Me Feel

Summer is the season of sweat and tan. It also is the season of repulsive odour that comes disguised as a return gift with sweat. But today afternoon a miracle happened. The mighty blue coloured blanket somehow managed to hide the gigantic ball of fire behind it. And then this upsurge of energy was generated … Continue reading Rain Rain Fell On Me, Jolly Jolly Made Me Feel