Meet Me

The world around us is huge and offers a lot of new things to witness and explore. If we stay confined to our present understanding, it is very anti-progresive. Or as Charles Darwin would say, it is evolutionarily unsuitable. We will get extinct if we don’t step up our game. We will then end up in museums along with mammoths and sabre tooth tigers. And I don’t want to get extinct.

So what I do instead is roaming around here and there. Anywhere. If it is a film fest, I watch movies without knowing how to appreciate or criticise cinema. Every form of art is good and should not be criticised. If there is an event on storytelling, I tell stories there. Once I ended up going to a two day workshop in Chandigarh that was aimed at people who stammer. I don’t stammer but it was really fun to be with so many stammerers in their national conference! I am not a foodie but I love food. Whatever fills my appetite is good even if it is not cooked upto the level of culinary greatness. I have no fucking idea what tangy is and how it is different from spicy. I don’t understand why people make large landscapes and portraits. Maybe for the same reason I make cartoons like this.

WP_20151130_011 (2)

I am not a traveller but I love to go to places that are impressive and unseen by the eyes of so called “tourist people”. I’ve stayed outside on city roads throughout day and night and it was more spectacular than whatever I did in mountains. I day dream of somebody offering me money to move here and there and once I get back, I write about my experience and share pictures with the world. I don’t know anything about photography but I click pictures that appeal to my not-so-photo-enthusiast eyes. You’ll find those pics in the gallery on my blog.

I am not a big fan of reading poems but I write poems. Most of them are crappy so I give them to other people. Some of those people like them, so I feel fine. I have no idea what authors say deep within their words but I love reading books on different themes. It feeds by head and heart just like food feeds my stomach. I read to learn just one thing. Just one. After reading more than 250 books, I have learned 250 new things. Maybe more than that. That has made me smart without even trying to decipher what Salman Rushdie was trying to quote in that paragraph in that chapter in Midnight’s Children.

I don’t like coffee. But if you offer one, I’ll take it and enjoy the after taste of sugar and coffee beans on my tongue. If you ask me which coffee I prefer, I’ll say I would love to have the hot one which smells like coffee. I don’t know how Mocha is spelled. Whenever I come across a CCD machine in a company’s office, I drink free coffee. My tongue that has an affinity towards sweet things (I don’t just mean food by sweet things) gets offensive if you judge other people. Because if you judge and label others, you’ll do the same to me. And I better avoid your company.


A day in my life is somewhat interesting and equal parts boring. My evenings are spent coping a feel from stray dogs that are in need of a caring partner or cycling to keep myself active. I wash my hands with Dettol liquid wash after I get back home because I fear infection from dogs. My nights are spent reading books on kindle. I write to have my voice reach the world and gain tiny bit of following.

If you want to meet me and have some plan that is interesting, I’ll come along. Only thing that has ever stopped me from going out is dengue. And jaundice. Or if I am outside of Delhi, I won’t be able to come. If you want me to find out some interesting event, that is o big deal. You can fill out the form below and we’ll talk after that! You never know what you might find out on that road less travelled and what shall come out of the form filled on my blog.

I’ll get back to you once I receive your message. Then you can take me out for coffee. Then we shall find out ways to learn new things together and expand our personal horizons in this world that is huge and offers a lot of new things to witness and explore. I don’t want to get extinct.