In Defence Of The Casanovas

I recently came across this article that was about an archetype of a man who is commonly shamed and criticized in our uninformed culture of fantasy based expectations about sex and love. In that article, that man was referred to as a fuccboi. That potty piece of writing was a compilation of biased observation which … Continue reading In Defence Of The Casanovas


The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

After unintentionally meeting and painfully listening to many wannabe writers who desperately want to establish their name among the legends of the written word, I have come to a conclusion. This heaven resembling world is a very magnificent place where flowers grow for getting plucked during the auspicious eve of Valentine's, raindrops fall on fairies' … Continue reading The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

Inspection Of A Writer’s Fluids

Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise. You know it. But there is a difference between knowing and believing. And even if you believe, it doesn’t mean you’ll follow. This leads you to your daily ritual that is not there for any purposeful existence. Your daily schedule is erratic. … Continue reading Inspection Of A Writer’s Fluids

Don’t Waste Your Time Honey

आराम हराम है, जल्दी आगे बढ़ना ही ज़िन्दगी का नाम है। - एक स्कूल वैन ड्राइवर की पसंदीदा लाइन There is a chemist in your locality. You know the address of the nearest doctor. You might even have that doctor’s number on your phone just in case the fist-sized blood pumper in your underwear wetting … Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Time Honey

Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

एक ने दूसरे की पत्नी को उठा लिया। दूसरे ने उठाने वाले को मार दिया।  मेरे फ़ोन में किस नाम की फ़ोटो भेज रहे हो? Sitting here you can clearly see the fan. It is rotating. And also rotating is your mind. The mind has no eye of its own. It sees what you make it see. … Continue reading Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

School Sucks And So Does Teacher’s Day

- What did you learn in college? - That I have to save my voice from being lost in this noisy factory where degree holders are manufactured Last month I attended the Swapathgami Film Making workshop at Shikshantar Andolan in Udaipur. This organisation is based on the principles of unschooling and is a free learning … Continue reading School Sucks And So Does Teacher’s Day