Don’t Waste Your Time Honey

आराम हराम है,

जल्दी आगे बढ़ना ही ज़िन्दगी का नाम है।

– एक स्कूल वैन ड्राइवर की पसंदीदा लाइन

There is a chemist in your locality. You know the address of the nearest doctor. You might even have that doctor’s number on your phone just in case the fist-sized blood pumper in your underwear wetting granny’s chest stops beating. She wants to live long. Nobody in your home and family has the time to sit and talk when there is no possible debatable issue to bitch about. Time is precious. And nobody likes to waste it, especially when their own time is under threat. In the last 50 years, average life expectancy of humans has increased more than what it did in 200,000 years of evolution. Science says that. And when you call somebody to meet you for coffee or to suck your lollypop and lick your coffee beans, they don’t have time. Unfortunately, science doesn’t say anything about that. But common sense says that wasting time is a bad way to do things in life whether they be personal, professional or for self-interest.

If you love cakes and want to have one, don’t spend time near a steel factory. If that makes sense, then why there are so many people getting stuck in places where they don’t fit? Being lost in life is good but draining other people of their energy, time and resources is not a goal that a smart person will pursue. Learning to say no is a great habit but when to say no and when to persevere, that is a tricky question. Time is what gets wasted in between the gap that exists between the urge to say no and building the strength to stick on. That time has high stakes associated with it when you are cooking kidney beans, trying to jump a red light or have an abusive partner who spanks you with no desire to be kinky. In those moments of reflection, you have the choice to decide whether to waste time or leave or stay or die. That dying part was for those folks who find no match on tinder or stupidly invest money in Ponzi schemes. Time is precious. Even if it is not your own, time still is precious. 

truck shayari.jpg

Procrastination, how can we forget it? It comes, it screws you over and it never fucking leaves. That’s the trouble with procrastination. It doesn’t leave you. It gulps your time and leaves you with enough misery to make you stay glued to your couch and watch Gladiator movie three times over. Sometimes, the movie is of Jenna Jameson. Wannabes live in their own fascination and do nothing and keep on doing nothing and wait for the inspiration to strike. Every year, life expectancy increases by three months. Science says that. Wannabes believe that fact and waste many years to gain a few months. Eventually, even those months get wasted. Those wannabes never turn into artists and discuss the struggles of being an artist in events that they find on Facebook and Meetup. Climbing Mount Everest is hard. What is even harder is asking your mother to give you more time to sleep when you have school to attend. The goddamn clock keeps on ticking and ticking. And amidst that ticking, the clock tells you that you’re looking at the ticking clock doing nothing of any real value. Sitting with your bottom planted on this seat with your laptop in front of you, something worthwhile happened today. After a long break, you wrote. Inspiration did not strike but your time was pretty well spent. The time to click on the publish button is coming near and there is only one thing left to write ahead.

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. Chuck Palahniuk was right when he wrote this in Fight club. Before the next minute starts, I’ll wash my hands. Science says that washing hands with soap and water reduces the risk of diarrheal diseases by fifty percent. It will help me live longer.


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