बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : The Issue of WHY*ing* and HOW*ing*

नोट : अगर आप को ज़िन्दगी में किसी भी परेशानी की वजह से नींद नहीं आती, तो आप अपनी औकात व जेब को ध्यान में रखते हुए 3 से 6 बीड़ी एक के बाद एक लंबे-लंबे कश लगा कर पीयें। पलंग पे लेटते ही नशे के कारण आंखें बंद हो जाएंगी और सुबह से पहले जाग भी नहीं आएगी।

सुंदरी की तीखी होती है, उसी की लूंगा।

आज कोई और ले लो, सुंदरी है नहीं।

कोई बात नहीं। जो वक़्त पे मिल जाए, वही बीड़ी सबसे बढ़िया।

– भेदभाव करना और ब्रांड के बारे में सजग रहना हमे नहीं आता

Everytime I talk to somebody who supposedly seems wise, they say one of the following two things:-

  • Do something in your life to try to repay the debt that you’re in due to your parents’ sacrifices
  • There is always time to do what you want to do once you get settled

The above two concepts are not flawed. They are complete bullshit. Don’t fucking assume that my parents made many sacrifices for me. And if they did, it is what they did to make me who I am. I don’t have to pay the rent for my stay in my mother’s womb for 9 months. Who knows whether I am the result of a broken condom or careful family planning? The last line was harsh but it keeps me humble.

The other thing about settling is way beyond my understanding. Maybe I belong to that generation where kids are born with a Facebook account or I have hormones that are contributing to my rebelliousness. All these ideas that are proposed by my elders, they create an unnecessary mess in my head. Some mess is necessary and that is called eu-stress. What they bring is goddamn dis-stress. And this breaks apart my brain cells and makes me stick to the bed and sleep. And sleep some more.

The only way out is no way out. All those gym bros’ “No pain No gain” is a stupid self humiliation concept that strips you off of your personal power. I care more about my mental hygiene than bathing everyday just to feel clean and tidy and neat enough. The best way to check bullshit is to ask. Say “Why”. And then see if the thing you’re doing or are being told to do makes sense. Just say why and keep on finding the answer to go ahead. At one point you might get stuck at why. Then the next step is “How”. Find why you got stuck and move ahead with how. As long as you have why and how at your pedestal, there is no seeking approval from folks who wrap their nonsense in packets of wisdom and offer them to you for free.

Second hand learning may or may not help. Asking right questions is one of the ways to make things difficult. And this difficulty either stops you from doing things or makes you more dedicated to doing them. Whatever the case, you win anyways.

किसान का मिला था बण्डल। तलब मिट गई और बस भी आ गई। जय शिव शंकर।


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