बीड़ी बाज़ उस्ताद : Love In The Outr*Age* of Hormones

हम चुदाई के मालिक हैं

थूक लगा के अंदर कर देते हैं

– एक 12 साल के ठर्की बीड़ी बाज़ ने समझाया 

The night sets in. And the proof of your lustful existence awakens. There is this spontaneous urge to get relieved of this burden of uncontrollable desire. But you wait. Wait for something to arrive. The fist of your hand is not the solution. Love is the solution. But your love is condemned. You seek sex and nobody considers that love. But despite that, you continue to seek your kind of love. Love that unravels the periphery of the body and then pierces the depth of soul. That is love. And the way to reach it is by making love.

When people express their feelings of passion, they get judged. They are shamed. And nonsense media around us has led us into believing that love can only be with one person. It can be. I know and I believe. But to be your best for that one person, you’ll have to practice. And when you practice, you are shamed by people around you. To mate and let others mate is the purpose of human life. If somebody calls you names for doing that, there is something fundamentally wrong in their understanding of human relationships.

The definition of sex is broad. Very broad actually. It can mean intense eye gazing and kissing for some and full-on penetrative thrusting for others. The only way to get out of this sexually judgemental and un-accepting scenario is to be free. Be free of sexual shame. After spending time with folks whose love and sex blueprints were not built on porn and mainstream media, my mind is now getting rid of crap beliefs.

If she doesn’t want the space between her legs to accept the gift we have to offer, we move ahead. We are those folks who are finding love. We walk with an erect dick. We are horny lovers. We share our deepest and most vulnerable asset – our body with utmost eagerness. We are honest. We show what we have while knowing the fact that we might have to bury our desires in the four walls of our bathroom if she doesn’t reciprocate.

Bare your body, and the soul is stripped. Maybe I read this somewhere. Or somebody told me. Or it is my saying. I follow it. We guys follow it.

बीड़ी खत्म।राम राम।


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