The Three Flowers ebook And Writing Challenges

I don’t remember where I read it. I think it was James Altucher who said it but I might be wrong. That unmemorable person told that the best way to be a good writer is to write. That’s it. Write one page daily. The work will be utterly painful to do and the writeups may even turn out to be crappy. Despite that, write one page daily. That’s why journaling is really powerful though it is used to vomit feelings rather than to create something worthwhile.

There is an ebook that I recently came across and read in one go (only 23 pages). The writer had incorporated this idea of writing daily. It was an ebook on poems and to be more specific, about micropoems. Small poems that you see on Instagram image posts, they are micropoems. These micropoems confine you to using fewer words making one crisply say what they want to say.

The ebook author Romilaa took up this challenge to write daily in the month of April. In April, leaving aside the Sundays, there were 26 days. The English alphabets are also 26. So it made her think and she connected the dots. Using one alphabet daily to think of a theme and then developing a micropoem on it, she took up this challenge. New day, new alphabet, new theme and new micropoem. That is how Romilaa drafted her ebook.

Taking up these kinds of challenges is fun. And it makes us learn new things too. People who are into any kind of creative process, they know and at times even experience the point of stagnation. Point of stagnation comes when you procrastinate and slowly begin to lose out on your creativity and artistic skills.

These small challenging ideas make you more in tuned with your work and ultimately get you working rather than procrastinating. You can find Romilaa’s ebook and download it for free from where she regularly blogs. I do not read much of poetry but her micropoems are short yet impactful. And that is what makes her ebook The Three Flowers a must read!


2 thoughts on “The Three Flowers ebook And Writing Challenges

  1. I humbly thank you for appreciating my efforts in developing my ebook out of the atoz challenge. Your genuine appreciation has not only raised my self-confidence but also transformed my eagerness and passion to write more and better.

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