A Strange Feeling of Emptiness

Humans are complicated, so are their brains. There is no rule in this world which was made to define the miraculous human mind and hadn’t got any exception(s). It seems human intelligence is just a matter of time and some relative circumstances. Sometimes it’s at its vantage point of rational and critical thinking while at other times it’s just like another dumb fellow in neighbourhood. There is no way we can get out this oscillating behaviour of our minds and the feeling he just experienced was some sort of Kenopsia which just overpowered his mind and started ruling over his rationale. Every object around him lost the purpose they possessed in the physical world. A monster resembling a strange feeling of losing possession of something just enslaved him and completely beleaguered his understanding. He couldn’t forget the face that was waiting to see him leave. He just wanted to live that moment again when he saw that face so imbued with serenity, calmness and a sense of realisation. Every single detail of the day was carrying him away from the physicality of the world he was surrounded by. Cosmic clocks denied his urge to stop because they had to keep ticking on. And so was true with him too. Despite all the condolences he was trying to impose, he felt more of this peculiar twinge in his heart. All the paintings he saw today were beyond some connected dots spread over a white sheet of paper. They had some familiarity and some sense of belongingness which was unfathomable. Despite trying his best, he ended up failing to understand the pattern governing them. He moved on but he could still sense the moment, every aspect and every possible meaning of mental turbulence he just suffered.
He left but with a restless mind. The picture was still a floating paper boat with no destination other than sinking into some unknown shallow waters.


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