My Asshole(s) aka Opinion(s)

It doesn’t matter what anybody says. Only personal experience is what one should be concerned with. In this world full of second hand experiences and knowledge, only first hand wisdom is what really counts. The following are some things I have learned mostly through error and rest by trial. Don’t believe it because I doesn’t apply to you. Read, forget and then go do your thing.


Never say anything confrontational to somebody who is drunk. If they are high on smoke stuff, it is somewhat safe, but it is really dangerous to personally attack a drunkard. Stay out of their radar.

Always stay away from market and shopping when you are feeling low. You will overspend and regret. I did a number of times.

Don’t follow others just because they did something and it worked. It won’t work for you. I’m telling you.

Don’t take advice from your parents. They are not your gut that you should trust them.

Fuck being a wallflower. Ask for what you want. If you get it, you’ll be happy. If you don’t, you’ll soon be out of fucks to give about things in life that may or may not matter.

Women who smoke are either safe and secure with their sexuality or totally insecure. Guys smoke out of Oral fixation for the most part. And yeah, mouth faggers don’t count as smokers.

Never ever:-

  • Drink in public
  • Get out of your closet when you are drunk

Don’t give your mobile to those who are notorious of checking other’s private stuff. Even if they say they won’t check yours.

Don’t fucking believe those who say believe me. They are saying it for a reason and you know what that reason is.

Never ever buy anything you will not use in the next week. It will lie somewhere after a few days and will be thrown in waste after some months.

Don’t masturbate to porn. It is addictive. Read erotic stories instead. Better write one down and raise a dick to it later on. Or shove a fake one inside (for you females, fetishy males too).

Believe what people speak after they are drunk. It is true and they won’t accept it when they are sober.

Never ever take any sort of thing from those who carry a bag that you feel belongs to a salesman. You might get scammed.

Avoid being in the company of love birds. You’ll feel the lack of love in your life. Or you’ll soon be in love. Decide for yourself.

Avoid help from those who sincerely appreciate the stuff you hate from the shit smeared sole of your shoe.

Live your life by following your own moral code. All principles, rules, ethics are subjective. I’m not talking about military though.

Don’t trust those who are too polite, too sweet and too sincere. Otherwise, you’ll be conned.

People who say they’ll help you out in bad times will probably be the reason of your bad times. Watch out.

Get out of the way of corporate slavery. It exists in democracy.

The place you belong to is to be created. Where you don’t belong to is surely the place where you have to seek validation to get in. Avoid sycophancy in the name of passion.

Life gives only one chance. Waste it, and wait for one more chance the second time. It comes when you get better at handling failure(s).

Don’t ever argue with military folks. They won’t change their opinions but you might. Go ahead at your own discretion.

Follow traffic rules. Nothing is worse than dying on road. Maybe dying on a ship is, but sailors follow rules.

Don’t do yoga, mobility work or heavy lifting in morning especially during winters. Synovial fluid is not flowing at that time and injuries happen a lot. Go for walk or cycling. Better yet, meditate.

Say no to addiction when you feel the urge. Urge will come again, then give in. You’ll feel guilt after that and won’t give in the next time. Addiction will slowly get over.

Don’t trust any of this shit written above. Develop your own wisdom and follow it.

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has got one, I always say that. Wherever I read it, I’m thankful I read it. Bubbye. Now go create your own opinions.


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