There are no rules, only guidelines. There is no path to follow, only to create. The following are some of my life philosophies. You don’t have to follow me because you are not me. Maintain discretion while you read and act flexible when you follow them. That’s what I did.


  1. Being discreet is always better than lying
  2. No addiction in the world is a way to fill the hole in your soul
  3. If water is everywhere it doesn’t mean you have to swim in it
  4. Stay in control until the other person is willing to either see you vulnerable or be vulnerable
  5. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness
  6. Shit first, wash later
  7. Trust how they act and not what they say
  8. Be your own parent, only self love is unconditional and accepting
  9. People who hurt you in past will do so in future
  10. Avoid miserable folks for your own sake
  11. Best way to win is to let go of winning
  12. Don’t go for an apple today when you can have the orchard tomorrow
  13. Less you seek rewards, more you see yourself grow and learn
  14. Only constant thing is progress and stagnation is death
  15. If kissing ass can get results, let go of your arrogance in those times
  16. Not fighting and being passive are very different things
  17. Silence is more powerful than words, keep mum
  18. Do what you want and let others decide if they want to be with you
  19. Nobody is coward; people just are not strong enough under stress, so act bold
  20. Don’t please anyone or you will end up miserable like before
  21. Only way to succeed is to stay in arena even after facing shit
  22. Bold actions build courage, weakness is for sissies
  23. Influence and persuasion is surface level shit, go ahead with seduction instead
  24. Live in present for the future self you have envisioned
  25. Saying you are bad-ass doesn’t make you bad-ass, so shut the fuck up and stop seeking approval
  26. Think big and act small, there are miles to walk
  27. Never reveal what your plans are, they are still plans and not accomplishments, lead with results
  28. Begin with small guns, save tanks for later

After two weeks some more stuff will come up with regard to philosophies.


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