Welcome to the land of CONFORMISTS

Welcome to the land of conformity. Welcome. This is the place where we abide by rules. Regulations. Norms. Boundaries. We value comfort more than risk. We appreciate submitting to the status quo instead of speaking our truth. We follow rather than lead. And those who lead, still follow someone while they do think they lead. This is the conformist land. We play it “safe” here. Welcome. Risk is to be avoided at every possible cost. Nobody who questions is given credit. She is belittled for asking such nonsense. Just let it be. Here we do as it has been done by others. What our fellow ancestors did, we still do that same. We are blind to think, innovate, create and more than that, we are fearful. Fear is what we have in our hearts. In conformation land, the only way to repress our fear is to feel safe. Our minds don’t have ideas for progress. Our minds they have thoughts of fear. Of reaction. Scenarios of feeling bad. So that’s why we play it safe.

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We feel safe when we move to our comfort zone. We take no challenges in our land. This is the conformist land. And the one who even tries to accept challenge, is pulled down by the socks to succumb to the misery of life in the well. The well where fellow frogs reside and never try jumping out.

“Why did that one jump? Pull that one down before he seeks escape from our miserable lives in this well”, the frogs shout. Well is out comfort zone. This is conformist land. Welcome.

And by frogs I mean the people. They shouted back there. Little do we realize that we are nothing more than petty little animals disguised in human flesh. That’s what we are in this land. We are conformists. We seek comfort. Safety. Life of assurance. Follow the path. Never ask, just go on like our forefathers did. Same path of dragging ourselves. Never point out the flaws in rules, just follow them. End of story. Conform and never move ahead.

Here mothers don’t turn their kids into strong kids. They ask them to be careful when they leave home.

“Take care honey. Don’t talk to strangers. Board the bus safely. Don’t loaf around after college. Be at home on time. And don’t forget to call me when you reach”, the mothers say in our land.

The conformist land. Welcome to our place. Children here are taught to be safe. Never to expand their tiny bit of comfort zones. Never. They never ask questions. The only questions they are allowed to ask are:

  • “What did I do wrong, mumma? I’m so sorry that I boarded the wrong bus. I’ll never do it again. Sorry. What shall I do to please you?”
  • “Will this chapter come in the test, mam? If not, I’ll not read. Why learn what is not to be evaluated. It’s not our culture.”
  • “Dad, should I take coaching for CAT? My friend has already begin, I need to follow her. To conform.”

These questions are asked by kids who live in this conformist land. We don’t have any musicians, painters, poets, writers, dancers, entrepreneurs, scientists. Not a single one of those artists is there in our conformist land. Because art needs creativity, passion, innovation which we long ago destroyed by conforming. And since being curious is not in our culture,  Science is at a halt in our place. We killed the curiosity long before it could even prosper. Our education system is rigid enough to keep students busy with test, exams, internal assessment and much more. Curiosity can’t even breed in their heads, let alone make a change in our conformist land.

Here we take no risk. No sports are played that involve combat. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, boxing, Krav Maga are what we have just heard in bedtime stories. We are taught to play safe. Play cards. Ludo. Snake and ladder. We don’t cycle. It’s too unsafe to ride a cycle in our land of high speeding motorists who are always on the run. Run to office to conform. Run to home to conform. On time, everytime. We say yes to every opportunity that comes in our way that we feel will make us more of a conformist. The opportunity to attend seminar on submissiveness, the short course in not thinking hard enough, toast master club for inactivity. And so on. Most of the working people here are who work for some big people who literally own them. If they don’t follow rules, they are dismissed. And since we as conformists have no sense of self-worth, we follow them.

There is a saying our world, that is :  “The more you please, follow, obey, nod, agree, submit, succumb and be weak, the more will be your worth as a conformist”, our conformist rule book says that. There are a few more rules:

  • Never disagree, you never know what the other person may have to offer you. Always say yes. Kiss their rear.
  • Always maintain a liar attitude. Your truth may offend somebody. Conform. Even if you have to lie.
  • Never question the senior conformists. For they have more experience in conforming and you don’t. Never question authority.
  • Always go for safety. Even if you have to sacrifice your dreams, follow the safe path.

School – Exam – College – Exam – Job – Promotion (by pleasing) -Marriage (not with your desired partner) – Little Conformists -Teach Them To Be Pleasers – Mid Life Crisis – Retirement – Death (burn/bury in the same place as your closest neighbor) – have the same grave as our boss…. To conform even after death

And there at many more such rules. Here we don’t choose our lovers. We have police of a special type. Moral type. It forces us to conform. And god forbid, if somebody happen to be a non-straight person, they are sent to correction home. To learn and to accept their defeat and submit to the rules. The last love marriage that happened here doesn’t exist in any records and not even in anybody’s memories. If it is not following the trend, why bother. Just conform and stay miserable. That the point.

Here everybody is conformist. Kids and their parents included. Everyone plays safe, obeys, submits, says yes, never questions. Welcome to the land of conformists. Welcome.

And I hope you like our place. Please like it. We  are desperately craving for your validation. Please share it too. We would love to spread our conformism into social media. Please do it. Please. Some of our conformists will even walk with an umbrella behind you if you want. We will light your cigarettes in the most submissive way possible. Please like and share this piece on social media. Please.


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