WARNING : Confidential Secrets of James Bond revealed, Maintain Discretion As You Read


He doesn’t need an introduction. The name is Bond, James Bond. I have learned many things from fictional characters that I apply in my real life. He is one of my heroes. Whenever I feel stuck in rut, I think from his perspective. What would James Bond do if he encountered this scenario? And I immediately get the answer. I take action on the spot. I have never been with him personally, but the following things have been taught to me by him:-

Wear clothing that fits and showcases good investment. Be it a tuxedo, casual t-shirt, plain old jeans or even a sporty underwear. Keep it according to your body shape and wear with full conviction. I’ve never seen Bond wearing baggy khakis or crocs. He has a sense of style. That’s what makes him 007. Of course I love roaming around in pajamas in my home, but outside, its a no. And yeah, whenever you wear shoes, whatever type they are, keep them clean. Also, I don’t wear sandals. Never Ever. Sometimes Bond does wear them, but I never.

Keep your nails and hair trimmed. I don’t buy the idea of keeping my hair short, but I always keep my nails clean and cut. Also, keep a clean shave. Bro, no offense to you, but your hipster beard ain’t gonna up your sexiness any higher than 007. If you still wanna keep facial hair and show your so called masculinity, keep them well maintained and shave off the unnecessary hair. I always do. Especially on my cheeks and near the jaw.

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Treat a woman like as she wants to be treated. Sometimes Mr. Bond shows affection and softness, other times he takes her by force and rest you know what happens. Seduction is an art, and 007 is a really good artist at that. Show your best side to a woman but not your same side to every woman. It’ll make a difference.

Be chivalrous. If not over the top gentleman, at least be well mannered. Stand when a woman greets you, offer her your hand while you cross road and pour red wine in her glass. Being well mannered ain’t a shame on your manliness. Its a matter of pride for a lady to be with a gentleman and not another fucking bro or boy or frat douche. Always remember this one.

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Have knowledge about everything you can get your hands on. You never know when and where a problem may strike. Personally, I make it a point to take part in various activities and get knowledge about variety of things and themes in life. Everything pays at some point. How to drive helicopter, riding a motorboat, sword fight, changing car tire, rifle assembling, wine tasting, knife combat, lighting fire at unusual places and what not. Learn different things. Bond does it, so do I.

Keep a handkerchief, fancy liter, and if possible, a gun with you, always. A woman who smokes finds it really seductive when a man lights her cigarette. Very fucking sexy. And if she doesn’t smoke, you can always offer her your handkerchief after you finish you meal together. You can even wipe her face. You lady will feel appreciated. She really will. Handkerchief is a must, because all women love delicious food and 007 loves dinner dates. Except for anorexic models. They aren’t into food and are not appealing to James Bond. The secret gun is meant for safety but you can do without it. Nobody’s gonna gun you down. Especially in today’s time and at your place. Now that you don’t have a gun, just think that you have one. Feel that it is secretly hidden, so hidden that even you have forgotten where did you hide it.

Effectiveness. Seriously, this is the most important takeaway. Being effective in whatever you do is the most charming quality of Mr. Bond. No matter what may come, what may happen, he’ll sort it out. “Don’t worry dear, I’ve got it”, that’s the kind of attitude he has. I have it. Sometimes I do fail, and since 007 never finishes until he gets what is needed to be done, I move ahead despite failure. Remember, even Bond was captured in die another day by enemy. But, he still came out. I believe the same shall happen to me. Not capturing by enemy but effective tackling of the problem! And it always does work out really well.

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You never know what you are capable of doing until you face a challenge. 007 has variety of gadgets and equipment to work with. He takes them out in emergency. And they save his balls, his eyes, his woman, his partner and his identity. Follow it, always. Be well equipped with things that may come handy in case you are stuck. Especially when travelling, on a date, in college, at home, with friends and everywhere possible. And yes, always keep your best equipment with you, your brain. Always.

Don’t ever get played. Never ever. Don’t put too much trust on your love, friend, or even your enemy. Its a game of power. Always stay in control and keep your sixth sense open. Bond’s own brother planned to fuck him up. Beware, people are not who they seem to be. Their dark side is more important to see than their soft, caring, positive false persona. Catch the con before he cons. Otherwise, you may be tied to a chair with a hole and your family jewels may be at a danger of being separated from your body. Stay vigilant.

Keep a condom. No matter where James Bond goes, he gets women attracted to him. And he enjoys his experience with them. Since he has never been diagnosed with any STD or been a father, it makes sense that he is an avid supporter of safe sex. Follow his steps and save yourself of misery, disease and regret. Carry a condom.


Cigarette is for women, boys and beginners. 007 enjoys cigars. And he lights them not with a liter, but with matchstick. That way, the fragrance remains intact. Follow it, but remember that smoking will cost you your lungs and social circle. If you care enough for a cigar and flair, you’ll show it where it matters, not to boast. Bond never boasts and even you shouldn’t.

A rich man never has to tell you they he is a rich man. He is rich. A man of value never speaks about his value. He just is a man of value. A man of high prestige and credentials never speaks about them. Because he knows he has them. And similarly, Bond doesn’t need to tell you he is smart, charismatic, effective, non-needy, strong, confident, chivalrous, courageous, attractive. Because he is. So, don’t tell, just be and it will be signaled. Actions do speak louder than words, Bond knows it and follows the same.

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Pierce Brosnan had good shape. No saggy gut or swollen cheeks. Daniel Craig is ripped. 007 in From Russia With Love aka Sean Connery was amazingly macho, but not hulk sized muscle headed giant. You got the idea. James Bond ain’t smart with fancy equipment and sexy dress, but with a well maintained body. He fights big guys, jumps of trains, falls off cars and what not. A man with beer belly, loose butt, wimpy legs and coat hanger shoulders cannot do any of these acts. Never. So stay in shape because you never know when you may have to swim in a pool and woo your lady by your body.

Have your preferences. Always. Just like Mr. Bond orders vodka martini, shaken not stirred, you must have your own taste. Not only in food and drinks but in books, music, cinema, sports and art. Have something to stand for. Have a choice because a person who has no opinion will be walked over by the world. And 007 ain’t that guy. I follow it and don’t hesitate in asking for what I want, saying what I stand for and refusing what I don’t want. Remember, don’t be an opinionated jerk, that is not what gentlemen do. Be strong in your skin and never get into others’ skin unless they are villain.

Risk. It is very important. Bond never does anything without putting his life at stakes. That’s what makes him who he is. A risk taker. A Hero. A savoir. Man of respect. Man of trust. James Bond. End of story. Now, go and do the things that give you chills down the spine and shivers down your balls. Seriously folks, get out and face your enemy, just like 007.

Develop a magnificent voice that resonates. A voice that commands respect from men and flirting from women. Work on your vocal cords. Many times, Bond has to speak from an angle while his face is not visible. A powerful voice comes to rescue at that point. Most people have a nasal voice because of sitting slouched over desks, weak chest muscles, tired neck and the root of all – bad posture. Smoking a lot also harms your voice quality. But since 007 loves cigars, we’ll exclude it. Correct your posture by opening up your chest, aligning your neck and shoulders and maintaining the natural curvature of spine. Do it and reap the benefits of women swarming over you. In case you’re a women with magnificent voice, get ready for visits to nice places with guys.


Have some class. 007 is 007 because he is 007. Have wine rather than beer. No piercings and tattoo, that can easily reveal your identity to enemy. No unnecessary swag that shows your alpha traits, you need not show because you actually are. Don’t wait for her to decide, take her hand and get in the car. Never walk casually, walk smartly. Maintain eye contact. Keep your car clean. Have some class and and stick your head out. There is a reason why James Bond is who he is, because he has something that makes him who he is. That something is class. Build it for yourself and follow.

Terminator may be willing to get back, it may not be over for Rocky Balboa, but James Bond is just who he is. He need not say anything because a man of respect doesn’t have to tell you that he is a man of respect. Be that man. Begin now, you never know where the enemy or mission or woman or plane may be. I’m on my journey to learn from Mr. Bond, are you on yours?


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