Random thoughts on the bullshit I experienced

This blog has some foul, offensive and vulgar words. if you don’t feel comfortable, get your ass out of here. It ain’t gonna get rosy for you. Get the fuck out of this motherfucking blog.

Now that you are here, this is all about the things that were coming to my mind. Lets begin.

More muscle = more attractiveness


Total bullshit. It means nothing if you got some mass on your pipes and skin fit extra large t-shirt covering your massive chest. It ain’t any sexy. Men go to the gym, not to lift weights and get strong, but to get big. Not just big, but bulky as hulk. Little do they know that hulk has got big traps, neck, calf and forearms which the average bros never train. Not even as an afterthought. And before I forget, under the massive  physique they work upon, they crave female attention. Deeply desire women to swoon over their jacked up bodies. But they end up getting praise from men who are themselves in their bulk phase. Total waste of time, money and energy. That too, in the lure of staying fit, healthy and living long! And also, the gym bros think that pumping up their biceps and inflating their chest with light weights and machines will make them look good. Not so sure about looking good, but it sure makes them look meat-headed steroid-jacked jerks, ineffective in real life and capable of bragging about bullshit and beating people up in bar fights. Pumping iron is their main goal, same weight over and over again and no fucking progress. They only know sets and sets and failure and not progressive overload. No kidding, they really don’t know. In between the sets they look at themselves in the mirror and pose like Arnold. Little do they know that Arnold used to have a  day for legs, but they got none. No matter how big your chest is, when you will be in a swimming costume, your sissy legs will show your poor physique development. Yeah bro, this was straight to you, through the 2 Kg dumbell you are using for curls. And then you say bulk is attractive. You are so “Iron”-ical, bro. Man up.

Rarely does anyone know what kind of physique is attractive to others, but the bros surely don’t know the fact that bigger is not better. Women feel threatened in their presence. Also they feel insecure, because a man who devotes so much time and energy to his pumping regime day in and day out will never be able to sustain the burden of family life and fatherhood. And the bro’s don’t give a fuck. They just wanna get the concentration curl for 5 sets of 15. Just so you know, the research is clear about women’s attractiveness to the male physique. Just as men are attracted to good waist to hip ratio, women are attracted to high shoulder to waist ratio. The gym bros don’t know this fact. If they knew, they would be spending some time on overhead pressing and slimming down. Instead, they pump chest and bulk. Crappy dudes and their bullshit routines. And before I forget, your pencil neck, puffy cheeks and swollen eyes tell me more about you than your 16″ biceps. Instead of your whey protein shake, eat some fresh vegetables to get vitamins and minerals rather than overloading your body with shitloads of amino acids. You lose bro, you lose at everything you do because most of it is getting you admiration from like minded stupid gym buddies and nothing more than weird looks which you mistake for appreciation. If you think your posing in front of non-spherical and bad curvatured mirrors is attractive, think again.

Work on your puny shoulders, stick resembling legs, flat and non existent glutes (What the fuck bro, you don’t know what that is? That means your butt), poorly built back and your sissy pencil neck. Give your chest some rest or you might as well need something like a man-bra to support your pecs that are growing at a rate comparable to the GDP of Japan . And if you don’t know what pecs are, just get the fuck out of your gym and  get some basic education. Also, you never do yoga. It ain’t no old people stuff and for doormats, its good for your slouched shoulders, stiff back, inflexibele legs, tight pecs, forward neck and delicate internal organs. Your lungs, heart, kidneys can’t bench and curl, you need yoga to “tone” them up. The fact that you come to the gym on an automobile is more than enough for me to know how lazy ass loser you are outside of your gym. Buy a fucking cycle, and come via that. If that was a serious blow to your self-esteem, so be it.

My wife = Madonna = No oral sex


Seriously. I know dudes who call them self “open-minded” say the above equation. For those folks who live a life a busy life and don’t know what Madonna means, it is Virgin Mary. And some men want their wife to be a “Virgin”. They don’t respect and care about her as a person. They just want themselves to be the one who is the first one to begin a woman’s sexual life! Ego boost. Seriously dude. Grow some fucking balls and let her give you the gift of love, companionship, romance and a happy married life. Not her pure  and chaste body. You can do anything from flirting to massage to strip club to porn to paid sex but she gotta be a virgin. Some minds are full of shit.

And mind you, this logic is applicable to the one they marry, not the one they make their girlfriend. Although there are some douchebags who have this rule for girlfriends too, but they are hard to find. Not because they are on dates, but they are in their closet, completely frustrated and jerking off to lesbian porn. I have been with a guy who was in his final year of university say this bullshit, “If I cared enough for my partner to not sleep with any other girl, she should reciprocate the same by offering her pure body to me”. He said that. I mean, he really said that. I was shocked. I never spoke to him again. A women is not just her private parts and purity, she is a human being. She is a free human being, let her have the experiences she wants in her life. If you can’t, watch xvideos and satisfy your frustration.

And coming to the next question, no oral sex with wife. Definitely with girlfriend, but not with wife. I have listened many guys say this. More than what I can keep a count of. They will not have oral sex with their wife. Then I asked them whether they prefer a virgin wife or not. Everyone answered that there was no issue about virginity. But I felt a disconnect in that, they wanted a woman to marry, but they would not have oral sex with her. Lets just analyse. Since their wives are not virgin, they must have had sex prior to marriage. Some may have not, but we’re excluding them. Now, they would have had the experience of being with a boyfriend and since men are not reluctant to receive oral sex outside if marriage, the woman must have given it to them. Now the same boys have grown up and have been married. Their wife has had oral sex. Not with them, but she has had. She has felt it in her mouth. She may or may not have felt a man’s mouth down there, but she knows how it feels in her mouth. But here are the dudes, who won’t do it with thier wives. What a fucking joke. He had it outside marriage but he would not be comfortable enough to do it now, with her. The crappy reasoning they they give is that she has to keep care of their kids, and they can’t imagine the mother of their cute ones giving them pleasure and receiving from them, via mouth. Live with it man, live with it. Your fucking life, your shitty opinions, and pity for the woman who’s pleasure and desires you have policed.

This is just a glimpse of stone headed men. They have many other rules and regulations like:

Chowmein causes rape, no mobile for girls below 18, jeans is bad, girls with guys are immoral, premarital sex is anti-religion, your desire to have sex = shameful, sinfull, anti-social and what not. Lets just move to other theme. This is an ongoing debate.

The power of desire and “The Secret”

images (1)

The secret behind the secret is that there is no secret. Aubrey Marcus spoke this amazing line on his podcast with Tucker Max. And that has a lot to do with the bullshit fed to us. Headings like, the power behind positive thinking, setting your intention, law of attraction and happiness theories are so prevalent today, that more and more people are suffering from depression. What an irony. Just because somebody wrote a book about how your intention and visualisation can lead you to the fulfillment of your desire, it doesn’t mean its true. It’s a goddamn scam. Beware of these gurus, they make money by making you visualise and giving you temporary feelings of satisfaction. And many of them base it with so called quantum physics’ practical application. There is a video on youtube that explains the law of attraction by electron diffraction via a slit. And it is pretty convincing if you are naive, desperate, depressed, struggling and procrastinate. Some of the things that are stopping you from becoming who you wanna be, were presented in the last line. Read them again. Your problems will not be solved by visualization, affirmation, writing things on 3*5 cards, putting your desires to the universe or any other dumb ass act. Nothing works like that.

The thing is about taking action. You already have the desire. If that desire is something that triggers an emotional response in you and is something that will be your gift to the world, that is a desire to be pursued. Take action in the direction of your desire. Don’t watch the latest video about the power principle or buy another book on finding your passion and thinking big. That will only keep you from doing real shit in life. It ain’t anything if you don’t move your lazy ass to create something to give to the world. And what I personally experienced is that the more you visualize, the more satisfaction feeling you get. And as soon as you open your eyes, you feel content as hell and take no action. Because you have already done it, right? The intention has been put to the universe to get fulfilled. The seed has been planted and will reap if you affirm, believe and visualize. Total crap.

I know many people who think positive and feel satisfied with what they have. The sad part is that these are the people who you find suffering from depression, mood swings, anxiety, OCD and other sorts of mind mess. The fact that they have to think positive is more than enough to give a clue about their fucked up mental and emotional state. If they were really happy and full of joy, there wouldn’t have been any need to speak about it. A rich man never has to tell he is rich. Because he actually is.

Now, what to do instead of this positive-self-help-psychology-law-of-attraction-goal-desire bullshit? Simple, take a small step towards your goal. Meditate. Not on your goal (just do that once a month) but on your breath and make it your best motive to not mix meditation and religion. They are separate and I’ll write about it sometime later. More than meditation, take action. Let’s see. If you wanna be a superb guitar player, don’t fucking play in a concert. Close your bathroom door, sit on an inverted basket or toilet seat and play. Then after a week, open the door. But remember to keep your room closed. The after another week, open the room and let your family listen. Then play openly in your home. Then on your cousin’s birthday or parents’ anniversary. Then in school with your friends. Then in front of your class and after some time, finally play in an opera in front of million people at an auditorium. You got the idea. Take action and slowly up the stakes. The basic theme is to progress fast enough to build confidence and slow enough to practice the skill or art or whatever you do. That’s it. Was there any need of universe other than giving you the air to breathe, space to live and people to support? No, there wasn’t. You have been scammed. Now, get the fuck out of here and go get something done. And before that, tear every book on positive thinking and the so called secret and burn it. Literally. It’ll give you more satisfaction then what you received after reading it. Or you can dig a grave for it and dispose them in there. This will save you of the misery and frustration that may come in your path.


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