Tools to get things done

Life sucks. We all have been there and some are stuck there even in the present moment while reading this. We (and it includes me) have those times when we don’t wanna face the morning and get our butt off the bed. It happens. But before it turns you into a depressed and self loathing individual with no drive to accomplish anything in life, we need to tackle it head on. You are not getting good in business, a relationship is falling, workplace is terrible, tired of commuting long distance, whatever may be your problem, it will be solved here and now.

Some people are avoidant types, some with ‘after-I-do-that-then-I-will’ mindset (excusers) while some are just simple, plain old procrastinators. I am in the last one of these categories. You might have your own category! The point is not about finding your own category, but rather get some shit done in life. Better take some action than to hide yourself under the sheets and put more burden of life on your already slouched shoulders. I will explain you some techniques I used when I was down and how I got into better state of mind.



It is the best thing that I have ever done in my life (in my teen life especially). One day I was totally shitfaced because of my failure with the opposite sex. I really wanted to meet a girl but she flaked for the second time. And this cycle was going on with many girls for few months. I was totally frustrated at that moment. I got teary eyed and went to India Gate (awesome patriotic monument though) alone, just by myself. Good. At least I did something for me besides complaint and bitching! Then I decided to start journaling and immediately got a pocket sized diary on my way back. I knew about it but never actually did it. And since that day I write the following things in my daily journal


  • What I feel like when I wake up
  • Three things I am grateful for( one about relationships in my life, one about anything that I am experiencing in present, one about what happened yesterday or anything in my near surrounding)
  • One thing I will do today (and I do that sincerely)


  • One good thing that happened today
  • How could I have done some thing better than what I did today

The night schedule was added just last month and I feel it gives me more room for thinking about my day and suggest improvement for next time. Its way better to write our suggested idea than to beat ourselves up for not doing something we could have accomplished. This keeps us ready for the next time.

You can make your journal more creative and fun by making some drawings in it and writing neatly.

Sleep and wake time habits


What we do before we go to bed and get up is way more important than we realise. It is highly underestimated. There was a mastermind talk by a monk named Dandapani. He emphasised the daily habit of brushing our teeth at night and making bed in the morning. Interestingly, Tim Ferriss and Lewis Howse picked up these habits (if you don’t know who these successful authors and businessmen are, google their names) and they follow these habits to this day. The best way to succeed is to emulate the habits of successful people you regularly follow and respect. Every wise man has told this secret is success. And taking into account this mindset, I started following this habit and reaping its benefits. I’ll get to that later.

When we daily brush our teeth at night and make bed in morning, we develop,our will power. That’s it? You must be wondering, but here’s something that we need to understand about willpower – it is limited. It is a big resource, but when already depleted, doesn’t serve much. By getting ready for our day and into the daily chores of life, if we make our bed we push past our willpower reserves. Same thing happens when we brush our teeth at night before getting under that cosy quilt. Not to mention that we save money on expensive dental bill! There is a reason that military men (and women) make their beds regularly. Just at the beginning of our day by making bed we feel a sense of accomplishment. No matter how bad our day goes, we feel we have already done something! And if you feel not so accomplished, then brushing your teeth at night gives that satisfaction feeling. Awesome habit.

How I personally make bed is this:

  • Fold the blanket\quilt\whatever I cover my body with
  • Keep it on one side of the bed after aligning the bed sheet in best possible way.

That’s just it, and I guess you don’t want me to tell how I brush my teeth… Or may I?

Getting in nature


The biggest reason for depression and bad mood is lack of vitamin D. Fish liver oil capsule surely helps, but never forget that sunshine is vital for our daily mental refreshment.

Human bodies were not designed to stay stuck, bent, slouched in front of screens that radiate energy (it basically means sitting in front of the thing on which you are reading this). Human body was built for hunting, sprinting, carry loads, kill predators and protect our near and dear ones. Of course it doesn’t serve us any purpose to hunt deer (you might end up in jail and even in more mind boggling stress if you do so) but some sunshine and greenery doesn’t hurt… Or does it?

In my other post I will highlight the idea of being in nature and here is what I do to connect with nature:

  • Walk daily for about 20-40 minutes
  • Stay in the sun whenever I can for at least 15-30 minutes
  • Cycle two times a week and exercise in park on alternate days

And all of this is when the sun is shining bright and my body therefore gets good amount of vitamin D. The best time to do good things is now, but this doesn’t apply here. Good timing for this schedule is morning and evening and worst is 11 am to 4 pm (unless you want to get tanned). It may sound boring to walk for that long and sit in sun but get creative! When I walk, I listen to podcasts and if not, then I take my friend(s) with me. Good for all of us. Find your way of enjoying while being in nature.

In my next blog post I will provide some alternate mindfulness activities. Till then, have fun.


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