I Wish I Had Known This Before

My parents taught me many things but they didn’t teach me everything. Neither did I learn those things at school nor I am learning them at college. Nobody talks about that. Rather, I should say that what I actually want to learn, has nothing to do with my parents and their choice(s) in life. In my life I haven’t had many role models. And the few that I actually have, do not make me aware and better in various things that I want to get good at. It took me lot of effort and time to find out what I value and look forward to in my life. Every person doesn’t know everything. This is the reality. Welcome to life. So I had to find people efficient at some aspect of their lives and pull out their advice, mindsets, habits and way of working. And I did it. I learned from them by following their books, blog, listening to their interview and podcasts, watching their TV shows and speeches. And most importantly, I  learned the most by applying these crumbs of knowledge in various areas of my life, my behaviours and mindsets. Lets dive into it. No. Let’s just immerse into it!

Tucker max


If you don’t know him yet, you better find out or else you are missing out a lot on some serious shit. Welcome the legend. He is the man I draw real hard-core inspiration from (and yeah, pun intended). Besides being a best selling author of multiple books, he is a really smart and intelligent man who has his shit together. Being way more confident than most people, he stands out in the world. He spent his 20s drinking and having sex. And writing about the hilarious stories involving that shit!  He branded himself as an asshole and invented the “fratire” genre in writing. As I typed this, I added that word to my dictionary! One thing that I learned from him was to develop courage by doing different things in life. He prescribes the philosophy of “winning and learning” in all aspects include women, martial arts, writing, and more. Basic ideology behind that is to accept that you suck and get better and better by constant practice and upping the stakes while going forward. And when you win, enjoy and move further. And yeah, his verbal intelligence and use of slang and vulgar language powerfully connected with millions of fans (including me). That was the spark of my interest in him. He is incredibly successful at writing, with women and really “effective” at life. He calls that the number one characteristic of an attractive man in his latest book “Mate”. He is the one who introduced me to many of the people whom I currently follow. They include Dr Drew, Ryan Holiday, Charlie Hoehn, Geoffrey Miller, Jack Donovan. In fact, his interview with John Romaniello got me really thinking about the concept of “Hero” and dichotomy. Here enters the nerdy muscle man.

John Romaniello

images (9)

As you don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t even judge this man by his picture. He is not the average bro who does biceps curl at the local gym. Nor does his eats 6-8 meals a day to “Prevent muscle catabolism”. In his Best selling book “Engineering the alpha” he changed the meaning that is associated with being “Alpha” male in the society. He is the one who makes me act from the place of “Hero” whenever I get stuck in life. The story of his life is always depicted by him in terms terms of heroism, struggle, calling and winning. Incredibly good at storytelling, well read and not to mention really muscular (without the typical gym aura). He taught me the concept of  dichotomy. Basically, it is what you appear on the outside, you are not in the inside. Before you wonder, it is not about fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of nonsense. Take his case. He appears cocky-gym rat-muscle headed-tattooed man. But what he comes out to be is totally different. He is amazingly well mannered (others say that about him), good storyteller and writer, intelligent and socially confident man. That’s what makes him stand out. True Respect for him. His life showcases his journey from being a thick plump nerdy kid to strong, smart, chivalrous and successful individual in life. He started off as a bodybuilder and ended up as a fitness and lifestyle coach. He doesn’t just get you jacked, he gets you attractive.  His work is not about adding inches to your chest but about being a great man in life.

Michael Ellsberg

images (10)

He is the man who wrote “The education of millionaires”. Giving speeches across various institutions, and inspiring people to turn their “Employee mindset” into “Entrepreneur mindset” is his genuine passion. I fell in love with his book and writing style. And I  felt my mind opening (metaphorically speaking) to new possibilities that exist in the world besides education across various institutions. He incorporated some simple beliefs that I need to address. Mastery at real life skills like sales, marketing, networking and investing, really connected with me. He is the one who made me ambitious and optimistic towards my future as an entrepreneur. Although I am still learning, but without his guidance I would have been stuck in typical scenario of 20 year old kids –  broke, pessimistic, struggling and debt ridden. Besides education, he has written a book on eye contact. Mind blowing stuff. From socially anxious and nerdy people to those in relationships, it covers everyone’s interest. Must read. The struggle that he has faced and steps that he took to get out of rut are really worth mentioning. From being a Brown University’s high grade student to self-educated entrepreneur, his journey is amazing. In fact, he is well connected to Tucker max, Tim Ferriss, Even Pagan and many other millionaires. Don’t just follow him to get better. Follow him to open your eyes. In fact, he may even save you years of trouble and misery. Big claim on my part, but totally worth it. This man ain’t worth a miss.

Neil Strauss


Best selling author of multiple books. Worked for the Rolling stone and New York times and also known as “Style”. He doesn’t write books, he writes best sellers. Highly intellectual, intelligent, smart and really humble man. Not athletic but extremely confident. Master in communication. His life totally changed when he became the Pickup guru, seduction master and writer of the “Game”. His most controversial book which sold millions of copies. The book described his life as the one who started off as a socially anxious man with low self esteem and ended up becoming the number one pickup artist in the world. He even worked with the FBI to spot liars and persuade criminals to reveal about themselves and their crimes. All because of the game. But, unlike most of those crappy and manipulative men in manosphere, he grew out of that mindset. It took him many years to leave that aura and learn about himself at a deep level. He has described this journey of learning from “The Game” in his latest book “The Truth”. From sex addiction to open relationships and everything in between, he did that.  In the book he describes his experience of finding the right partner and relationship. Meanwhile, he succeeds at that, of course, but he also finds out his deepest beliefs and his bad parenting. Must read book for anyone willing to learn more about unconditional love. He is now married and has a son. Nobody (including himself) thought that a man with such a controversial reputation could enjoy such a life. He is short, bald, stylish man who stands as one of the teachers that I never had. Many of my interests including NLP, palm reading, meditation, communication and reading habits are because of him. No matter what I do, somewhere I feel that his mindset about failure and rejection it really progressive. More rejection you face, better your chance at success and high reward to effort ratio. Awesome nerd concept and perfectly connects with me. Seriously.

Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman – The Roadies brothers

images (13)

There is something going on with these bald angry brothers with fancy facial hair and pierced ears. The have done some serious shit in life. Just like all others above, the were not so good at kicking ass when they were young. Raghu even got rejected in Indian idol. That was actually a planned rejection to get in a fight with the judges! And the irony is that he was rejected by Farah Kahan (also Sonu Nigam and as always….. Anu Malik) who later casted his brother and him in Tees Mar Khan! If I say that these guys have got big balls, it will be an understatement. They have got gigantic balls. Courage, determination, failure, falling on your ass and getting up is what I learned from them. What they say about struggling and aspiring young people is that “A man who refuses to give up can never be defeated”. As kids they were made fun of. They were bullied and their teacher told them that they will sell bananas. Too much of demotivation. Despite all of this they have achieved great success in the television industry and not to mention that now Raghu is also supporting AAP. For one of the seasons of Roadies, the anthem was composed by Raghu. They made me instill the belief in my head that if I want something, I must be willing to boldly ask for it. That is actually what separates a weak complainer from a strong doer – the balls to say and the spine to stay. They are loud, abusive, angry and simply over the top amazing. Despite their controversial image they have been to various educational institutions to teach kids about life and give them guidance! What nobody ever expected out of them, they accomplished it and even more than that.

These are the people who have made me a better human being. What I have learned from them was not taught to me at by teachers, parents, and all others in between. I could have figured out these things on my own by lots of trial and error. But these successful and amazingly smart people shortened the learning curve for me and taught me how to fish for life rather that eat a fish for a day.


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